Small birds and naughty monkeys-Nidhi Choudhary



Small birds and naughty monkeys

          A cute bird named Chunchun lived on a banyan tree in a dense forest (Chanchal Van). There were many birds also lived on that banyan tree . All the birds were living together happily with great love and affection. A Garud Dada was also living on the top of the tree. He is the eldest and the oldest among them. When all the birds have gone to fetch their food the Garur Dada manage to look after all the eggs and babies left by the birds in their nest.

Once the chunchun went to fetch food as regularly they do so. In the mean time a troop of monkeys came there from neighbouring forest and started climbing the banyan tree, doing evil to branches of the tree. The eggs and the babies they left have fallen from the best of the tree. Garur Dada tried to stop them but he could not manage to do so as he was frail and old enough.

In the evening When the birds returned back to their nest they felt sad and sorrow as all the nests were broken down and the baby birds felt down the banyan tree. The Garur Dada came to them and told all the unpleasant incident occurred… with eye full of tears. He said sorry to the birds for not able to save their nest. He feels anguish with pain in heart . The bird Chunchun asked him for a solution to this mishap and look at him with hope.

Garur looked at them and said- I have an idea that can brings a solution for everything happened today if we act wisely and smartly. Then he asked them to call all the birds from the nearby forest and decided to learn a lesson to the naughty monkeys. They all got the tricks from Garur Dada and conveyed the message to all the birds for seeking help.

On the very next day all the birds (crow, parrot, myna, kathforwa, cuckoo, bulbul, sparrow, quail, vulture, neelkanth) came together on due time. They discuss their plan of action and waiting for the monkeys to come.

After some time the naughty monkeys arrived and started doing all the evil works as the done a day before. Soon
all the birds came from their hideouts and attacked the monkeys from all the sides. Due to sudden and planned attack by the birds all together the monkeys frightened. Some of the birds pickd the nose, tail and eyes of the monkeys. soon they unbalanced. They started falling from the branches of the tree. Now the situation makes them panic. Monkeys got scared and scattered. They lost their mind and manage to escape from there very soon.

Because the monkeys got a lesson from the wise and organised birds they never came again near to the banyan tree.
Now time to celebrate victory, all the birds thanked each other. They also thanked Garur Dada specially for his wise and effective advice. They bow to his wisdom .

Lesson from the story is that “alone we fall, together we rise”. Unity brings strength that help us to overcome all the hurdles and difficulties in our life.
Keep touch and take advice when needed from a person with great wisdom.

Nidhi Choudhary


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